Monday, April 15, 2013

The value of a card

What does sending a "real" card really do?

You can brighten the life of another person by taking the time to express your appreciation for them and your gratitude to them with a heartfelt expression. And not only do they feel good when they receive your card, you can feel good for having sent it. And feel really good when they call to thank you for remembering them.

How many people get "real" mail these days. Not bills. Not advertisements. Not junk mail. But real mail. Not many.

In fact, I'll wager that some people never get "real" mail.

So make a difference today in someone's life.

Want to do it in a special way? Contact me for a really special website. Email me at

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sending real cards in 2013

OK, the holidays are past. Did you send cards? Didn't? Wish you had? Begin preparing for next year by establishing a list of names and mailing addresses (not e-mail addresses) for

1. those who sent you cards this year, and
2. those to whom you wish you had sent cards last year.

Like to have one easy place to keep those names and addresses, where you can use them to easily, quickly and conveniently find and use them for future cards?

What about birthdays?

Do you "remember late" about birthdays, even of family members and close friends?

How would you like a reminder two weeks before a birthday? Then you would have time to select a nice card and send it on time, with or without a gift, all without leaving your home! And I don't mean an e-card, as nice as some of them are.

Why send a real card, instead of an e-card?

Because the person you send it to with keep it, remember you when s/he sees the card, and won't just send it off to the Trash with a 'click'.

What kind of card can you send in January?

One with photos of snow and ice and your car (or their car) buried under a mound of snow. Or a card of you at your beachfront home - send that one to your friends in Maine or Minnesota.

For a huge selection of cards and an easy way to maintain your mailing list, contact me now. Email me at

Monday, December 03, 2012

Holiday cards - it's that time

What kinds of cards do you send at Christmas time?

Do you wish your friends "Happy holidays" or "Merry Christmas"?

Do you send lots of cards, all with the same message and just your signature? Do you add personal notes to only some?

Or do you stop and really think about each person to whom you sending a card and write your own heartfelt message?

Or do you send no cards at all?

Or do you send e-cards? Some of them are clever and very nice. But you know what happens to them, no matter how "nice" they are. They are read one time and click! Delete! Poof! They're gone.

I recommend sending a card that is worth your time, effort and money. Make it personal. In fact, make it unique. Add in a photo, preferably of the recipient. Second best will be a photo of the recipient and you. Or next, a photo of you.

I would be happy to introduce you to the card and gift line for which I'm a distributor. Send an email to me at and I'll tell you where to find my website. I'd put it here, but company rules say not to do so. I know, I know; it's a stupid rule that doesn't make any sense at all.

But I'm building a card business that will last for years, so I'll play their silly game on this point. I think it has something to do with their worries about irritating the Feds. That's a game you can't win, even if you are right.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Picture postcards - the best

When you travel, do you like to send picture postcards?

Ever try to even find a picture postcard these days? And, when you do, do you notice immediately how the price increased while you weren't looking?

And then you need postage. How much is it these days to mail a postcard? Hint, it's 32¢. But where do you get a 32¢ stamp? Can you find a post office? Oh, heck; just slap on a 45¢ stamp; i.e, if you even have one of those with you.

How would you like to send a picture postcard of your family and you in front of Mt. Rushmore (if you are visiting Mt. Rushmore) and send it that day?

I make my own picture postcards for 62¢ the same day and have them in the mail the next - all without running to the post office aor trying to get there before it closes.

Like to know more?


Got questions? In the upper right-hand corner of that website, click on Contact and ask me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


How do you express gratitude?

A phone call?
An email?
A personal visit?
A thought?

A real greeting card?

I'd like to suggest that sending a real greeting card, complete with postage paid to the USPS, is a great way to express gratitude. Why?

Because the person who receives your card will remember it and remember you far longer than any of the other ways.

Let me explain the Gratitude Challenge to you. It's a 30-day program, in which you send a card a day to someone you're thinking about.

Someone who needs a pat on the back or a hug.
Someone who has done well and deserves praise.
Someone who is ill and needs a comforting word.
Someone you love.

Contact me at or call me at 815.338.2666

Friday, December 09, 2011

What do"real" cards mean?

What does it mean to a person to receive a "real" greeting card? You know, a paper card. A card that comes in the mail, in an envelope.

Sometimes cards (or cards + gifts) arrive at just the right time. You may never know the difference that your card makes in the life of another person.

There are at least two reasons to send heartfelt cards. One is to let another person know that that person really matters to you. You took the time to select the card and write your personal message. And then mail it. Everybody is busy, but you are the one who cared.

But another reason is the benefit that you gain from sending that card. You feel better for having done that.

Contact me for a way to do this. A way that is of high quality, easy, convenient, economical.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gus launches new card & gift business

On September 19, 2011, I launched a new enterprise and established an independent distributorship with SendOutCards. This company, of Salt Lake City, is a greeting card and gift supplier to independent distributors, whose customers order their personally-designed cards from their own computers.

As a distributor, I establish retail customer accounts, wholesale customer accounts and also identify people who would like to investigate establishing their own distributorships.

Please view my explanatory video at You can message me right from my website there (contact information is in the upper-right corner).

If you like to send greeting cards that your family and friends will keep, not throw away, these are the cards for you. And it's very easy to send a quality gift right along with the card. Check it out today.