Saturday, December 26, 2009

Special Education interests

My interest in Special Education began in 1996, when I moved to Woodstock, Ill.

This blog will be expanded shortly about my interests as a parent-advocate in Woodstock District 200 schools on behalf of my stepson and for other students.

In the meantime, see

Law Enforcement Interest

I guess I've always been interested in cop stuff. I'll mark it from an early age when I used to sit on the front lawn of my parents' home in University City, Missouri, and watch a local cop grab drivers going the wrong way down our one-way street.

When I was 16, I did a "dumb-kid" trick and got a speeding ticket for 42 in a 30-zone. That was my first and only speeding ticket. The cop was polite to me, although he could have yanked me out of the car and demanded to know "where the fire was."

I was a cop in a small Iowa college town, when I was a college senior. That was my first police job.

Ten years later I was a reserve deputy sheriff in Colorado for 7-8 years. Although I was a volunteer and had a full-time sales job, I worked 20-25 hours a week. Very quickly I earned solo patrol car privileges, and for the last three years I rode my privately-owned, police-equipped Harley-Davidson on traffic patrol.

I'll admit to a peculiar philosophy as a cop. I was always a citizen first, a cop second. I believed, and still believe, that a cop ought to be first to obey the laws, not last. I've been around too many cops who thought were for everyone else and not for them.

For the past two election cycles in McHenry County, Ill., I have said, "Man! I ought to run for Sheriff." As the election cycle approached in 2009 and I found myself saying the same thing, I declared, "Man! I am 70 years old. If I am going to run for Sheriff, I'd better do it." And so I am a candidate for Sheriff of McHenry County in the November 2010 General Election.

For initial information about my campaign for sheriff, please click on

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

My interest in hypnotherapy and hypnosis began in July 1988, when I met a retired osteopathic physician, Irene Hickman, D.O. I was living in Fort Collins, Colo. and met her at a conference being held in the town's conference center on a week-end in July.

I bought Irene's book, Mind Probe - Hypnosis, and she invited me to her Kirksville, Mo. home "if I ever got interested in hypnotherapy."

In February 1991 I went to a small psychic fair at a hotel on a Sunday afternoon. A friend introduced me to Robin Giles, a palmreader, and he told me that I would be involved in hypnotherapy by the time I was 55. I was 52 at the time, and I thought, "Yeah, sure... What's hypnotherapy?" I made some notes when I got home and stuck them in a file folder.

In the fall of 1991 I met Dr. Al Krasner, founder and director of the American School of Hypnotherapy. Dr. Krasner arranged for me to take his week-end course in Albuquerque. One of the things I learned was that there certainly was a lot more for me to learn!

In August 1992 I was traveling east from Colorado toward my daughter's home in Columbia, S.C., and I took a little side trip to Annandale, Minn., to Dyersville, Iowa (home of the movie, A Field of Dreams) and to Mt. Vernon, Iowa, where I had attended and been graduated from Cornell College. Along the way I looked up Kirksville, Mo. on a map, saw that it wasn't too far out of the way, and I called Dr. Hickman.

She invited me to come and hang out for a week-end and learn about regression hypnotherapy. I had her book with me in the car and got busy and read it before I got to her house. I had planned to stay for a week-end, and I ended up staying for seven months! Not only did I learn about hypnotherapy, I had the rare opportunity to work with her (and be the lucky recipient of numerous past-life regressions by her). The best way to learn is to experience it yourself!

Irene told me that she wanted to get back on the speaking trail. She said that, if I set up speaking and training engagements, got her scheduled at conferences and hypnosis conventions, managed her office and travel, sold her books, did the bookkeeping, answered her phone and answered mail, then she would teach me everything I would need to know about regression hypnotherapy and spirit releasement therapy.

My work in Kirksville was complete at the end of April 1993 and I headed on east. For six months I traveled almost like an itinerant preacher, trading hypnotherapy sessions for room and board, along with some gas money to get to the next town.

Then I settled for about three years in Richmond, Va. and, in 1996, I moved to Woodstock, Ill.

Of all the jobs and work I have done over the years, hypnotherapy is the work that has been the most beneficial to clients and also the most personally rewarding to me. And that's a wonderful combination.

A little website history

I first set up a website back in about 2000, when I was working at the Sears, Roebuck headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Ill. I had met a rep for a large company that registered domain names and at that time set up my own domain name and small, three-page website.

Earlier in 2009 I shut down that website and continued to concentrate on the blogs I had been writing. One of them,, now has over 2,300 articles (since April 2007).

In addition to that lengthy blog, I also started, which is dedicated to special education advocacy and information. I expect to develop it more fully in the coming years.

Also, I set up, hoping that I'd be able to get crime reports from the Woodstock Police Department and post them on a current basis for residents of Woodstock to keep abreast of what is going on in town. I was foiled by the Police Department and the City Attorney.

The latest new blog/website is This is the initial website created for my race for Sheriff of McHenry County in the General Election on November 2, 2010.