Friday, March 05, 2010

Race for McHenry County Sheriff

More information about my race for McHenry County (Ill.) Sheriff in the November 2010 general election can be found at

More information on my overall philosophy, interests and opinions can be viewed at

I chose the Green Party because I could avoid being eliminated in the February 2, 2010, primary election. Illinois election laws are such that, if you do not win your primary within your party, you are off the ballot. Period. You cannot later (in the same election) run as a Write-in or switch parties. In order to win the Sheriff's office in the November 2010 election, you have to be on the ballot!

My campaign will seek the support of the People of McHenry County. If a businessowner (owner!) wants to contribute to my campaign fund, then s/he'll have to write the check out of his personal account. In keeping with the Green Party key values, no corporate contribution will be accepted.

Please visit