Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hypnosis vs. Hypnotherapy

I am frequently asked what the difference is between hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Over the years I've come up with this explanation. See how you like it.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation. You can be guided into it in several ways. My way is to talk to you and suggest that you allow all the nerves and muscles in your body to relax. There is nothing to "do"; just do your best to allow yourself to accept the suggestions.

In a deep state of relaxation your senses are often heightened. You'll hear my voice; you'll hear the phone ring, the dog bark, voices of family members in the home, etc., and those sounds just won't matter.

I always tell a client that she can accept the suggestions I give, or not. This puts the client in control. And I tell the client that, should there be any reason or cause of alarm or danger, she will be wide away, mind sharp, body strong, able to take care of herself and give assistance to anyone or anything in need.

With hypnosis, the hypnotist does all the talking, and the client does all the listening.

Hypnotherapy? This is different. Hypnosis is used to help a client into the state of relaxation. Then the client and I have a conversation - while the client is hypnotized.

Sessions often involve regression; i.e., going back to the cause of whatever is of interest to the client or causing any type of problem. I don't tell the client where to go. My training with the late Dr. Irene Hickman allows me to "keep up with" the client, wherever he or she goes.

Sometimes clients experience something that never happened to them; i.e., never happened to the physical body that they have (in this lifetime). Briefly, if they have a fear of water and, under hypnosis, regress to a lifetime that ended when they drowned, if they release all the emotion connected with that drowning, they may no longer experience a fear of water in this lifetime.

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