Friday, February 11, 2011

Pre-surgery hypnosis

Several years ago I began doing pre-surgery hypnosis. I received an email message from a woman who was out of state and was approaching the date of surgery for breast cancer. She was understandably anxious about the surgery, and her state of anxiety was increasing as the date neared.

On the day before her surgery we did a hypnosis session on the telephone. At one point I could tell that she had emerged from the hypnotic state, and I asked what was going on. She explained that there was a lightning storm in her area, and I quickly suggested that we continue the session later. *

She called back about four hours later, and we finished the session. Her surgery was scheduled for the next day.

Two weeks later she called to tell me about the day of her surgery. She had arrived early for her 7:30AM surgery, and it was postponed until 4:30PM. She explained that, instead of being a "basket case" all day, she had been relaxed and had actually joked all day with the nurses. When it was time for the surgery, she was ready and all proceeded smoothly.

She asked how I had known to give her one particular suggestion, and I could only respond that "somehow" I had just known. A hunch? A "nudge"? Intuition? Luck?

If you are facing surgery, contact me and let's talk about how hypnosis might be of real help to you.
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* Why did I suggest we not continue the telephone session during the lightning storm? In 1993 I met Dannion Brinkley and heard him tell his story about being on the telephone in the bedroom of his home, when lightning struck his house and him. He was knocked out of his shoes, and the nails in his shoes were welded to the nails in the bedroom floor. Dannion was pronounced dead at the hospital, but he "came back", having experienced what is called a Near-Death Experience. He tells his story in his book, Saved by the Light, and on a videotape titled Life After Life, which was produced by Dr. Raymond Moody, a research psychiatrist.