Saturday, May 28, 2011

Does hypnosis by phone work?

Is there any reason that hypnosis by telephone shouldn't work?

I've done a number of telephone hypnosis sessions. While I much prefer to do them in person, they surely can be done successfully by telephone.

Two cases come to mind. The first, done on a Sunday night prior to the woman client's planned cancer surgery on Monday, was started in the afternoon. Everything was going smoothly, until I realized that something had caused the woman to leave the trance state. It turned out there was a thunder and lightning storm in her area. I quickly suggested we finish the session in the evening, and we did.

In 1993 I had met Dr. Raymond Moody (author, Life After Life) and Dannion Brinkley (author, Saved by the Light) and had heard their stories about the near-death experience. Brinkley had been on the telephone in his bedroom when he was struck by lightning and died. His is a fascinating story.

A second case involved a woman who was suffering insomnia. We had already worked together, and I did a phone session with her one evening, and I learned the next day that she had slept the night straight through.

With the availability of Skype, telephone sessions are even better, because I can pick up important visual clues to the hypnotized person's experience. For more information, contact me.