Friday, October 05, 2012

Picture postcards - the best

When you travel, do you like to send picture postcards?

Ever try to even find a picture postcard these days? And, when you do, do you notice immediately how the price increased while you weren't looking?

And then you need postage. How much is it these days to mail a postcard? Hint, it's 32¢. But where do you get a 32¢ stamp? Can you find a post office? Oh, heck; just slap on a 45¢ stamp; i.e, if you even have one of those with you.

How would you like to send a picture postcard of your family and you in front of Mt. Rushmore (if you are visiting Mt. Rushmore) and send it that day?

I make my own picture postcards for 62¢ the same day and have them in the mail the next - all without running to the post office aor trying to get there before it closes.

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