Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sending real cards in 2013

OK, the holidays are past. Did you send cards? Didn't? Wish you had? Begin preparing for next year by establishing a list of names and mailing addresses (not e-mail addresses) for

1. those who sent you cards this year, and
2. those to whom you wish you had sent cards last year.

Like to have one easy place to keep those names and addresses, where you can use them to easily, quickly and conveniently find and use them for future cards?

What about birthdays?

Do you "remember late" about birthdays, even of family members and close friends?

How would you like a reminder two weeks before a birthday? Then you would have time to select a nice card and send it on time, with or without a gift, all without leaving your home! And I don't mean an e-card, as nice as some of them are.

Why send a real card, instead of an e-card?

Because the person you send it to with keep it, remember you when s/he sees the card, and won't just send it off to the Trash with a 'click'.

What kind of card can you send in January?

One with photos of snow and ice and your car (or their car) buried under a mound of snow. Or a card of you at your beachfront home - send that one to your friends in Maine or Minnesota.

For a huge selection of cards and an easy way to maintain your mailing list, contact me now. Email me at